August 13, 2022

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Auto repair shop, Kyle Police Department team up for catalytic converter etching event

The Kyle Police Office and Dave’s Kyle Auto Fix teamed up for a totally free catalytic converter etching celebration. This is in reaction to the growing quantity of catalytic converter thefts.

About 55 autos have been introduced in.

Mechanics etch people’s license plate numbers on their catalytic converters. That way if it gets stolen, it will be a lot easier to keep track of.

Bernie Koepsel introduced his automobile in for the event. 

“With the increase in converter thefts, and it’s quite costly to get it changed, something that I can do to aid sluggish down these people today from stealing converters, it is just a no-brainer,” he said.

He suggests his catalytic converter was stolen in November, and it took about a thousand bucks to swap.

“It was hit in which I function in downtown Buda, and it took them less than a moment by the time they pulled up subsequent to the motor vehicle, by the time they experienced the converter off and were long gone,” Koepsel said.

“Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise not only regionally in Kyle, central Texas, but across the condition and country,” Officer James Plant with the Kyle Law enforcement Department said.

Plant suggests they have experienced 13 thefts noted so much this yr in just town boundaries. Some persons never report, but officers say you need to.

“That way the officers know stuff’s taking place in this area, and we can preserve far more patrols in that location,” Plant reported.

He claims intruders typically target parking heaps of areas exactly where a good deal of folks go.

David Duarte, owner of Dave’s Kyle Auto Repair, claims if your catalytic converter is stolen, you can be in a position to explain to by the audio.

“As before long as you go to start off it, it will be so loud you will not likely even be in a position to drive it at that issue,” he stated.

If a stolen catalytic converter is less difficult to observe, the odds of having your residence back again and prosecuting the thief will be increased.

“If it does get stolen at that position, and it does get to a recycling heart, they basically usually have DPS on web-site which usually means they’re going to test the track record of the catalytic converter and see just the place it originated from,” Duarte said.

“The explanation they want the catalytic converters is due to the fact there are important metals within them, and that’s what they’re recycling it for, they’re chopping it up, using that, that is what they’re earning their money off of,” Plant explained.

Duarte says it truly is not very likely a thief will attempt to get rid of the etching.

“The odds of them going by way of every one particular individually is super trim,” he claimed.

If you missed the party but want to have etching performed, Dave’s Kyle Automobile Maintenance states they will get appointments totally free of charge. 

In the meantime, if you see anything suspicious, report it to regulation enforcement.

“I just want we could do much more to halt the thefts from taking place. I believe law enforcement it’s possible requires to do a little bit far more about monitoring where these merchandise are getting bought,” Koepsel claimed.