Fine-Tuning Your Solo Werks Coilovers for the Ultimate Ride – UroTuning

Fine-Tuning Your Solo Werks Coilovers for the Ultimate Ride – UroTuning

Coilovers are a person of the most preferred updates set up on vehicles. They are terrific for improving upon handling and efficiency, and eliminating unsightly fender gaps. The flip aspect is that poor modifications can generate undesirable driving and driving consequences.

Solo Werks coilovers are some of the most well known aftermarket elements obtainable. If you have installed them previously or are looking at them at all, you are probably ready to make adjustments and hit the streets.

Right before you do, this primary primer will explain to you how to do so. Continue to keep reading through to make sure your coilovers are appropriately altered and prepared to trip.

Solo Werks Coilover Positive aspects

There are several positive aspects to Solo Werks coilovers. The first is the expense. They are superior-performing, long lasting parts, specially for the rate stage.

2nd, these coilovers will provide a much more dynamic driving knowledge without sacrificing comfort and ease. This signifies that your motor vehicle will deal with far better but even now be appropriate for each day driving. 

Be aware that there are distinct versions of the part intended for diverse motor vehicle brands. For instance, the Solo Werks Coilovers MK7 matches lots of Volkswagen versions, when the Solo Werks S1 is made for Audis.

Altering Preload Rings

Very first, you will want to make sure that your motor vehicle is elevated off the floor employing a jack and/or supports. You will also want to eliminate the wheels to accessibility the coilovers.

The preload is important to get right for the reason that as well a great deal will result in a stiffer ride. Far too loose and the journey will be far too bouncy.

Your coilovers must have come with a established of spanner wrenches intended for adjusting the peak. If not, you may perhaps have to have to purchase one from an auto parts retail outlet or online.

Location the tooth of one wrench in the ridges of the locking ring and lessen it. Do the exact same for the preload ring.

Transfer the preload ring back again up until it is barely touching the coil. Transfer the locking ring back up but do not tighten it entirely.

You will want to go the preload ring about a further 4 millimeters further up. Use one wrench to keep the locking ring in position and one more to wholly tighten the locking ring. This will be certain the coilovers are snug with out acquiring as well substantially preload top.

Modifying Height

Now that your preload is set, you can adjust the height of the coilovers whenever you want. There is a similar ring to the locking and preload rings at the incredibly base of the part. Initially, loosen it, then use a wrench to flip the preload ring to regulate the top.

With the locking ring in spot, this will transfer the whole coilover shaft up or down (whichever way you like) with out going the preload ring. When you get it to the desired peak, tighten the base ring.

Study Far more About Ingredient Adjustments

Now that you know how to make adjustments to Solo Werks coilovers, you can maximize general performance and handling as effectively as the aesthetics of your automobile. If you have problems, your area modifications shop can lend support.

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