September 28, 2021

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How to Build a Better Automotive Control Unit With a Compact TVS


With the launch of the new ESDCAN03-2BM3Y dual automotive-skilled reduced-capacitance transient voltage suppressor (TVS), STMicroelectronics delivers a compact option to protection for CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, and USB interfaces in cars.

This is specifically suitable to automotive Electronic Handle Models (European) and Innovative Driver Support Programs (ADAS). The 1.1mm x 1.0mm ESDCAN03-2BM3Y TVS saves 75 % or extra of the PCB room desired by common TVS in SOT23-3L and SOT323-3L packages.

In addition to its modest dimensions, the ESDCAN03-2BM3Y boasts a heat-tolerant highest junction temperature score of 175°C, making it possible for its use during the automobile fairly than only in far more temperate areas.

These improvements suggest the capability to build better automotive ECUs and ADAS units, so we place some concerns to STMicroelectronics senior product or service engineer Jean Garcia.

Style and design Information: What is distinctive about the ESDCAN03-2BM3Y compared to its predecessor?

Jean Garcia: The ESDCAN03-2BM3Y is the initially member of our ESDCAN sequence to be housed in these a tiny offer DFN1110:

STMicroelectronicsSTM TVS 003.jpg

In contrast to the past technology, we have enhanced the clamping voltages performances by applying a new technology derived from the ones addressing smartphones demanding market segment.

STMicroelectronicsSTM TVS 006.png

This is significant to lessen the clamping voltage of CAN transceiver security since the most current thinnest systems utilized for superior-velocity transceivers are additional vulnerable to ESD.

Superior-density boards, owing to greater electronics information (ADAS, autonomous driving, electrification, and new E/E architecture), make ESD coupling simpler than on typical boards.

It is hugely critical on such boards to reduce the ESD surge to propagate into the circuitries by clamping the spikes as near as feasible to the entry issue and retaining the residual clamping voltage as low as probable.

DN: What are the strengths of this scaled-down TVS for developing automotive ECUs and ADAS units?

Jean Garcia: ADAS megatrends make a tremendous have to have for sensing and computing. It indicates, at the sensor fusion place, on the very same board, you will have tens of sensor inputs put together to higher & speedy computing processors and chips. Some ECUs like Domain Controller Models or Auto Controller Device embed dozens of CAN ports on A5-measurement boards.

DN: How essential is the skill to also secure FlexRay and USB buses?

Jean Garcia: The reduced capacitance of our gadget offers high versatility. With the same component quantity, you can safeguard CAN, FlexRay, and even USB or Ethernet (on the transceiver aspect). It simplifies the BOM.

DN: What adaptability does the higher-temperature score give the OEM?

Jean Garcia: Enable me estimate an STMicrolectronics blog site report: “The ESDCAN03-2BM3Y also stands out in reliability measurements as ST accredited a junction temperature of 175 ºC. The quantity by itself may possibly audio boastful since very little in the car will arrive at this number. However, the motive we keep on to offer this sort of a ranking is to ensure that we meet up with each one mission profile currently enforced. Engineers won’t have to request ST to operate far more trustworthiness exams, and they will not have surprises. We now ran benchmarks at temperatures that exceed what the business is searching for. As a end result, providers will swiftly know if the component will satisfy their specifications.”

We have performed all our trustworthiness assessments at 175°C delivering a a great deal better acceleration aspect than executing them at 150°C. So we emulate with 1000h of HTRB carried out at 175°C for case in point a significantly lengthier active time than at 150°C.

It means that when a Tier1 asks us to affirm if we move their individual and unique mission profiles for their distinct challenge or software, 99.99 percent of the time we say “yes” with no possessing to carry out added reliability screening. We give immediate solutions and can go to the following step. An supplemental 1000h would imply an additional six weeks delay.

And for temperature-crucial applications like exhaust fuel recirculation, oxides of nitrogen catalysts, or the gearbox that may possibly occasionally exceed the 150°C normal, our ESDCAN sequence is most popular.

DN: How does the small battery drain look at to former devices?

Jean Garcia: This is the benchmark of our sequence. Most of ESDCAN associates are rated 100 nA max leakage present. ESDCAN03-2BM3Y (alongside one another with ESDCAN04-2BxY) is rated 50 nA only. It is important for EVs to reduce the leakage current of every and every single ingredient.

The automotive business has to remedy a challenging equation. The electronics information of EV vehicles (because of to electrification but also to substantial degree of ADAS attributes) increases the selection of factors and therefore the general battery leakage. It is vital for a user back from holidays to be in a position to crank her or his EV vehicle left for three months in an airport parking large amount and to appear back again to house. This involves an very very low leakage existing of each one element.

DN: At last, how can automotive OEMs create a superior ADAS procedure many thanks to this gadget?

Jean Garcia: It simplifies designers’ and PCB engineers’ life and it can make the style protected and sturdy, as illustrated by this chart.

STMicroelectronicsSTM TVS007.jpg