How to Find the Right Garage for your Car Services

Choosing Right Garage for Your Car Repair - Novus

Car services are required to keep your car in good working condition. You are sure you won’t run into nasty surprises, and you can use the car for a longer period. Well, maintaining a car is costly, but you know what’s worse? 

Getting your car serviced in the wrong garage. It saps you of much-needed finances and leaves your car in a worse shape than it should be. You’d be glad to know that you can find cheap car services to help you cut down costs. If you’re travelling, you might be interested in getting safe airport parking for your car. And if you need a garage that’s just right for your car services, here’s how to find one.

  • Get a garage that gives you fair prices

If you run into a garage that is more interested in its profits than in the welfare of your car, you’ll get ripped off. The right garage will render car servicing according to the manufacturer’s schedule, but they won’t make any changes to car parts unless it’s necessary to do so. Use bargaining power to cut down on some of the expenses. 

  • Make sure the garage has good online reviews

This will help you get a glimpse into the quality of their services and know if they are really what they say. Through online reviews, you might talk to the reviewers, get more details about their experience in the garage and learn about what better garages they may have found. 

  • Look for Experienced mechanics in the garage

It doesn’t matter if a garage has been around for fifty years. In that time, a good number of mechanics would have worked there and left. But if the garage has a mechanic with 15 to 20 years on the job, it’s safer to entrust your car to that mechanic. Never pick a garage based on how long it’s been functioning. 

  • Make inquiries within the locality to get good recommendations

This may sound like an old habit, but it works every time. Before you pick any garage to service your car, bring them up before family and friends. Someone might know something the online reviews didn’t say and why you shouldn’t go to a certain garage. 

You could also get recommendations on better garages within the area, and if the garage knows someone referred you, they’ll attempt to give you premium service. 

  • Join a car owners club if you can find one

The idea here is that you can easily find out where the other club members are getting their cars serviced. Some car owners clubs help to get service garages for their members, and being in one increases your chances of finding what you need in a car garage. 


It’s not easy to entrust something so important as a car into the hands of someone else. But since you must take your car for repairs, check for a garage with experienced mechanics, good reviews, fair prices, a good track record, and highly recommended. Be sure the garage keeps a car service history as well.