December 4, 2021

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Mercedes-Benz EQS reveals its powertrain and battery secrets in detail

Mercedes-Benz EQS reveals its powertrain and battery secrets in detail

Mercedes-Benz took us on a virtual trip-along in the new Mercedes-EQS with Dr. Fabbian Wuttke, venture direct, sedan progress. Together the way, he divulged a variety of info, figures and far more about the electric powered sedan that we’ve been waiting so patiently to hear about.

The massive number we already read yesterday was Mercedes’ claimed 478 miles of range in WLTP testing. It is tough to say what that will translate into for EPA tests, but we can safely think that the range will be over 400 miles. That will come many thanks to a battery pack with 107.8 kWh of usable storage (we asked for the battery’s total prospective dimensions, but Mercedes is not telling still). This gigantic battery pack is the larger sized of two packs that will be out there, although Mercedes isn’t divulging what the more compact pack’s capability is still either. Mercedes brags of incredibly fast charging and 400-volt architecture, even though, 

You will be in a position to demand the EQS at fast charging stations at speeds up to 200 kW. That is good for 186 miles of assortment following just 15 minutes of charging (using the WLTP array as the basis for this argument). Which is equivalent to about 39% of demand in 15 minutes. This significant rate of charging is maintained via the car’s battery temperature and charging administration devices. There’s an “ECO Charging” method obtainable that lessens the rate of charge if you are concerned about the put on and getting older of the battery at those people charging prices. 

An easy charging system called “Plug & Play” will be out there to U.S. entrepreneurs (free for just two decades) that, in accordance to Mercedes, will allow you to just push up and plug in without the need of needing to fuss with an application or other tech. It’s however obscure, but Mercedes suggests that you are going to be ready to use this tech at in excess of 90% of public charging details in the place.

Mercedes is also chatting about what people batteries will be powering. Numerous various variations of the EQS with varied energy outputs will be out there from the get started. The foundation rear-wheel-drive EQS will deliver 329 horsepower from a solitary motor on the car’s rear axle. A twin-motor (one particular in again and one in front) all-wheel-push version with 516 horsepower will be available, too — the rear motor is additional powerful than the front. Mercedes is teasing an “even much more highly effective overall performance version” that will arrive at a later day. That sounds like an AMG variant to us. The -62 mph time on the 516-horse edition is 4.3 seconds, whereas the solitary-motor EQS will do it in 6.3 seconds. Prime speed for both is confined to 130 mph.

Mercedes claims this electrical edition of 4Matic all-wheel generate has much a lot quicker response as opposed to its mechanical all-wheel travel methods. That’s to be predicted with electrical motors. The motors them selves are engineered with a distinctive foam mat encompassing them for extraordinary resistance to NVH challenges. A full host of excess perform contributes to creating these motors incredibly tranquil and healthy for S-Course amount sounds and vibration convenience. Acoustic foam made use of in the course of the overall body aids supply silence to the cabin. New systems were being also engineered for the window seals and doorway structure to cut down sounds — there will be an “acoustic ease and comfort package” offered that adds laminated glass panes to the car or truck. Having said that, Mercedes will also point out that the car’s .20 coefficient of drag (very best of any present generation vehicle) also decreases wind sounds. It has a clean underbody, aero-formed spoilers and you’ll have the selection amongst 19-, 20- and 21-inch wheels. Also contributing to this determine are unique, new A-pillar trim strips and seamless doorway handles.

A single-pedal driving will be probable with the EQS. Change paddles on the steering wheel will allow you to swap concerning 3 degrees of brake recuperation. Also hassle-free in the town will be a 4-wheel steering method. Just like the new S-Course (the methods are just about similar), Mercedes will allow for you to pick out between an option that can flip the rear wheels 4.5 degrees or 10 levels. At its greatest, the turning circle can be diminished to just 35.8 ft. Interestingly, Mercedes tells us that 4-wheel steering will be a person of the goods it delivers as a submit-purchase update, allowing you to enhance to the 10-degree lock if you recognize the 4.5 is not ample in the beginning.

A miscellaneous product Mercedes highlighted is its “Navigation with Electrical Intelligence” process. Just like several EVs, the EQS will program your route close to readily available charging stations. It will also take into account actual-time traffic, and you can routinely established how significantly demand you want still left in reserve to make it to a charging station. The EQS can estimate how much a charging stop will cost on the display for you and will immediately keep track of your performance and navigation system, just in situation you need to swap into ECO mode to eke out the previous few miles to a plug.

Mercedes also highlighted a couple circumstances in which it’s working with sustainable and eco-friendly supplies to manufacture the EQS. In complete, the EQS has about 176 kilos of recycled or renewable materials within just it. These involve recycled plastics for cable ducting, recycled yarn for ground coverings and even sustainably created aluminum for the hood. The battery pack itself (made in-home by Mercedes) employs considerably less cobalt and improved battery chemistry than Mercedes’ earlier generation of battery tech did, and it can be also able of getting above-the-air battery management system updates. Don’t get it erroneous, though. The EQS can continue to be absolutely decked out in genuine leather and other ultra-luxe materials — there are no vegan alternatives to discuss of right here.

Even nevertheless this is the 2nd new deep dive we’ve had into the EQS, Mercedes is nonetheless holding back again on revealing the full vehicle. That digital function will occur on April 15, so the wait around is almost about. 

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