August 13, 2022

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Outstanding Car Rental Services in Delhi by Ruia

The ground work of Ruia Car Rentals was laid by the visionary entrepreneur Late Mr. Pashupati Kumar Ruia in the year of 1997, in Kolkata. At that time, the idea of car rental services was much unarranged and was understood by a very handful of the society. 

As a result a massive gap in communication, understanding and trust between the clients and the car rental service providers existed. The Indian Car Rental industry was pathetic at that time because of the trust issues between the customers and the providers of the service. 

At this stage came in the Ruia Car Rentals to the service of the people of Kolkata, which has now expanded its services to many cities in India, especially in Delhi 100 new cars are in working mode.

Luxury Car Rental Services 

Ruia car rental services Delhi is a must name that comes to the mind when talking about car rental services. In today’s time of high outflow of money, maintaining a personal vehicle can sometimes be very difficult. Then its maintenance is also a hectic part. But if it is possible to enjoy a customized car ride even if it is not personal, then it is great. This provision of luxury car rental services in Delhi is provided by Ruia car rentals. Ruia car rentals offers GPS navigation system, portable WiFi, basic insurance along the travel time, and last but not the least child safety seats.

The only motto of starting a car rental services in Delhi by Ruia Car rentals was for providing a safe, custom-made and classy car hire services and that too at a reasonable rate to the inhabitants of Delhi. With other car rental services, Ruia car rental services has added a new option of luxury car rental services, keeping in mind the fact that Delhi is the layover place for many North Indian tourist spots. This is definitely an added advantage to the people of Delhi.

Car Rental Service

An exclusive advantage for the Ruia Car Rentals is that, it is situated at the Delhi–Gurugram border, which is close to the terminus 3 of the Delhi airport, a very busy spot.  This decisive location is a favorable factor for both the customers who want to avail the car rental services and also the providers of car rental services. 

With a fruitful service experience of about 11 long years of Ruia Car Rentals has added much to its good will among its patrons and customers. A well maintained batch of 100 cars and exceptionally expert chauffeurs is a benefit altogether. Ruia car rentals Delhi is dedicatedly providing car booking services in the capital city and successfully serving more than 200 business clienteles. 

With dedicated services, Ruia Car Rentals now has created a special place among its clients. The luxury car rental services that include custom-made tour packages to different tourist spots like Brindavan, Mathura, Agra, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir etc. are remarkable.

The prominent feature of the Ruia car rentals is that it not only aims to provide passenger security and luxury, but also has kept a transparent and precise billing system, which is very helpful for the customers to understand. For every car rental service booked car details along with the driver image is provided to the customer so that there is no miscommunication. 

Outstation Car Booking Service

There is a 24×7 customer service unit that work diligently with efficient customer care executives. The entire process of car booking in Delhi through Ruia car rentals is very efficient. The outstation car booking services in Delhi is very easy and safe as there is a SMS and email alerts facility to the customers.

At last it is highly important to mention that all the cars under Ruia car rental services is fully pliable with the Government’s rules and regulations and maintains all the standard safety protocols. 

More importantly, a web based online end to end solution is present for the reservations be it a general car booking in Delhi or a luxury car rental in Delhi. Luxury car rental services in Delhi include cab from Delhi to Agra, cab from Delhi to Mathura etc.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Ruia car rental service Delhi, so a safe, classy and a relaxed travel experience is guaranteed every time the customers travel with the Ruia car rental services. 

A Ruia car rental is now a very prominent name in the car hire industry. And it has gained the trust of its customers due to its dedicated and assured services. It has successfully obtained various experience certificates and letters of appreciation from eminent authorities like SBI, RBI, and Ministry of Defense. Ruia Car Rentals services have also achieved Pan India Cab License from the ministry of tourism, India which is nothing less than winning an award.