August 13, 2022

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Taking Care of Your Vehicle Our Way: Fan Motor Replacement

Taking care of a car and making sure that your car is ready to go at all times is extremely important to avoid any sorts of accidents. But not everyone is car-savvy, so it is important to know more about fan motor replacement since overheating is a common problem that anyone with a car goes through, Here are some tips on taking care of your vehicle our way: fan motor replacement.

What makes a car fan stop working?

  • The fan of a car would stop working when there is something wrong with the control module of the fan.
  • The fan relay is faulty
  • Having a fan motor that is faulty could also cause a car fan to stop working.
  • The control module of the fan is found defective
  • There is a wiring problem like your fuse is blown, or the shorts, connectors, and opens are loose.
  • There could also be a scenario when the engine would never be hot enough for the fan to be turned on because the thermostat of the engine is stuck open.
  • The temperature switches and sensors are defective.

When should you replace a car fan motor? 

1. The engine overheated

Since your fans are not working, your engine would overheat because that is the job of a dan motor. They help in preventing the engine from overheating, effectively preventing further damage and saving you more money from all of the repairs. 

2. You notice that there is a loud voice that is coming from the fan of the radiator

Hearing a loud buzzing sound from your car is not normal, so when you start hearing it, it might mean that the radiator fan of your car could be broken. You have to always be aware of the things happening in your car, no matter how small it may be, to avoid any other mishaps and possible accidents.

3. The air conditioner is not working

Since the car would need a lot more work to make sure that your engine is running, the whole system would have to make a sacrifice to make sure that the engine of your car does not overheat, so they also use the fan for the air conditioning to help with the cooling process. Once the battery of your AC Fan is drained, you wouldn’t have air conditioning in your car, or it would be less effective than before.

How do You know if your cooling fan is bad?

1. There are some odd noises

If there are some odd noises that you don’t normally hear, and sounds that may ring an alarm bell in your head, then maybe you should get that checked because most probably that is the sound of your cooling fan beginning to fail. The noise that you hear may be because the blades of your fan are damaging other parts of the engine so getting it repaired as soon as possible would make sure that your engine would not be as damaged since you are preventing it from possibly affecting other parts of the engine.

2. Your car is overheating

The cooling fan is there to make sure that your car stays at the right temperature so the engine of your car would begin to overheat if the cooling fan is destroyed since the moment it is needed the most, it won’t be able to turn on. 

3. The fan of your car does not come out

Your fan not coming out would have to be one of the most common symptoms as to why the cooling fan of your car is not working, and if the fan is not coming out, then the whole system would not be able to cool down.

4. Your radiator fan blows a fuse

You have to check if your fan has blown a fuse, this happens when the fan of your radiator would create far too much amperage and is slowly failing. It is possible that you could change the fuse, but when you have a fan that is defective, it could cause the other fans to blow out since the fuse is there to make sure that the whole system of the car is safe and functional.

5. You Air Conditioning system performs poorly

The air conditioning system of your car would not properly work when your cooling fan is destroyed or needs replacing since the fan is there to pull air and remove heat. Along with your car heating up, your AC would also feel like it’s taking its last breath.

How long do car cooling fans last?

Usually, the life of a cooling fan could last you between 8 to 10 years, especially if you could keep it maintained and constantly have it checked to make sure that nothing is wrong with it, and if there is something wrong, you would be able to fix it right away.