August 13, 2022

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One of the critical aspects of car maintenance is engine maintenance. The engine is your car’s life, and you must ensure it performs efficiently to enjoy comfortable drives. A car tune-up is about engine maintenance to ensure your car starts well and runs smoothly and efficiently. Although modern vehicles need far fewer tune-ups than older cars, doing it periodically is still essential. You can do basic tune-ups, while a professional mechanic should handle an advanced car tune-up. Here is everything you ought to learn about it.

What is the importance of a car tune-up?

Over time, your engine’s efficiency and fuel economy decline as the parts wear out. A well-tuned engine runs seamlessly and efficiently since a technician checks and replaces the engine parts that impact performance levels. Usually, the vehicle engine comprises many parts working together, but they change slightly due to usage and time. 

A tune-up facilitates the critical adjustments necessary for maximum engine performance, and it is not costly and can save you more in the long run by preventing engine problems. It also varies from car to car. For instance, a Honda tune-up cost can be around $299 and may include multiple engine maintenance services that are ultimately worth it. An Audi tune-up on the other hand can go all the way to $1,000.

Are there warning signs that your car needs a tune-up?

Yes, there are different warning signs that your car needs a tune-up. The odometer reading is the most critical sign to look out for. Poor starting, reduced mileage, faulty engine running, and lack of power are signs that the engine needs a tune-up. But every manufacturer specifies when to carry out engine maintenance procedures based on mileage and usage, and it is best to adhere to their recommendations.

What happens during a tune-up?

An engine tune-up varies depending on the mileage of the car and its design. But let’s discuss some of the basics of a car tune-up.

Spark plug replacement

Each engine cylinder has one spark plug, and the engine may not work if they are not working efficiently. They facilitate an electrical spark to ignite the gas in the engine and should be able to withstand a huge amount of voltage and heat. Spark plug wires are essential and need a replacement after some time.

Air filter replacement

Your car uses air when running and must be clean when going into the engine for combustion. You can either clean a dirty air filter or replace it, but the latter is better for improving engine performance.

Replacing the fuel filter

When dust, dirt, and debris gather in the fuel filter, it restricts fuel flow into the engine. Stalling and lack of power are some of the signs of a clogged air filter that needs replacement.

Computer diagnostics

This requires a professional to check with special tools. It senses faulty engine parts for rectification before they cause trouble.

Engine oil change

An engine tune-up may also include an oil change if it has been a while since you changed the oil.


A tune-up may include the basics or more advanced tasks, depending on the car usage and mileage.