What to Check When Purchasing a Used Car

So, you’ve decided to shop for a used vehicle because you’re working under a limited budget. While it can make the prospect of becoming a car owner more feasible, it requires a bit more work than buying new. After all, a secondhand automobile might come with problems that sellers may be reluctant to share. Therefore, it’s not wise to take what’s written in the ad as gospel. Instead, you need to conduct your investigation and assess the vehicle yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the things you must check when purchasing a used car. 

The history of the vehicle

The vehicle’s history matters when buying a pre-owned car because it’ll give you details on what has been done to it. It’ll also show whether it’s been in an accident, has liens, or if the specific model was recalled. Some third-party services can look up the history for a small fee using little more than the automobile’s VIN. However, many reputable dealerships like youngautomotive.com are transparent and will likely provide you with the information you want about the car, so feel free to ask them directly for its history.

Paint damage or rust

While a few paint chips here and there are to be expected from cars that are a few years old, you should walk away if the vehicle you’re interested in purchasing has sizable rust damage. The reason why is that they can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. And depending on the extent of the damage, it might even need a full-body respray, which will cost you more than you should pay. So don’t be tempted to commit to a cheap car if it’s got a lot of rust because you’ll end up paying more for it in the long run. 

Engine condition

The heart of every automobile is its engine. Without it, no vehicle can fulfill its intended purpose. So always check the mileage of the vehicle before you decide that the car is the right one for you. When you get to inspect it, check for any cracked belts and hoses, corrosion, and fuel leaks. Don’t forget about the transmission and oil dipsticks, too, because any discoloration on them could mean that there’s something wrong with the engine. 


Enjoying music on the car’s radio and being able to put down your windows with a push of the button are all creature comforts that every vehicle should have. So be sure to check all the electrics of the automobile before you agree to get it. After all, they can be tricky and expensive to repair, and you don’t want to have to shoulder the financial burden of doing so.


Pre-owned vehicles are excellent alternatives for those who don’t have the money to spend on the latest models. They can also give you better value for money, provided that you find one that doesn’t need any maintenance or repairs. So be sure to check for the things mentioned above. They will make a difference.